Our Rhythm

You need the assurance that you are dealing with skilled professionals who can add real value from great ideas through to the on-site delivery of your event; have the know how and passion to create a lasting positive experience throughout the life time of your project.

We work hard and play hard, outside the office we all engage in various activities, such as volley ball, spinning, tennis, martial arts, some of us have even run the Barcelona Marathon several times!

We play music in the office because we believe that to be creative we must engage all the senses.  Our events are a true expression of what we believe which is that an incentive or team building event in Barcelona must give your team a long lasting experience that they would not normally do for themselves and leave them fully motivated as well as demonstrating a clear return on your investment


We have brainstorming “huddles” twice a week to keep our ideas fresh and lively Barcelona is an extremely dynamic city with a lot going on, we make it our business to know, follow us on twitter

Tony: Managing Director,

Originally from London, Tony is passionate about people and personal development, his grounding as a business coach and lecturer in Organisational Behaviour makes him the perfect person to make sure that all of our events have measurable and long lasting results. Tony says,  “ I really enjoy looking at the elements of the event and talking it through with the key strategic partners to make sure nothing is left to chance…not even the weather!”

Raquel: Finance Director

From Barcelona, Raquel counts the Euros, makes sure everything is precise and accurate she coordinates all payments to our partners and makes sure that we are always maintaining the most competitive prices. “Finance has always been about accuracy. However, we now need to ensure that we have suppliers who can not only invoice accurately but are professionally procured too. We aim for precision in our budgets to ensure every Euro is accounted for and spent wisely.”

Jo: Marketing Director

Also from London, Jo manages client relationships and implements communication strategies that ensure clients want to return. Her background is in customer relationships and event management. Jo says “ I love to find solutions and talk with people so whether its helping create a buzz about an event internally or letting our customers know what’s going on in Barcelona I will do it with passion”

Martina: Senior Project Manager

From Germany, Martina’s focus and attention to detail is second to none. The bigger more complicated the event the better for Martina. “I like ustilising our relationships with our partners to create memorable event experiences that put a smile on everyone’s face. The dedication with which we apply our skills and experience is part of what sets us apart from the planning stage right through to the onsite logistics.”  Says Martina

Marie: Groups and Hospitality Manager

From Germany, Marie is responsible for putting together programs of activities for groups and visitors to Barcelona. Her background in airline relationship management makes her the perfect person to deal with this. Her energy and passion coupled with her desire to give the best service is always commented on by our clients. “My customers trust me to be their eyes and ears in Barcelona that’s why I will go the extra mile for them, I am such a perfectionist I always leave the office with my inbox empty”

Chloe: Project Manager

From Belgium, The style guru that has great ideas and design solutions which put  great big smiles on client’s faces. Chloe knows how to make a normal event look… WOW! Her background in fashion means that she understands how to blend all elements of an incentive trip to give you a chic, stylish tailor made event that satisfies even the most discerning tastes.

“Detail, detail, detail. It is by incorporating the many possibilities that Spain has to offer, sometimes with big concepts and other times by small, special touches; that we are able to create events that have an authentic style all the way through” Says Chloe

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