Our experiences are fun, and unique, we research many of the partners in Catalunya and they have to satisfy our strict internal approval rating before we choose to recommend them to you.

Our commitment to bringing you the best means that we have to try as many of the activities in Barcelona as possible.. what a great job! But there is a serious side to it,  We have over 400 unique activities in Spain which make us the leading company in team building and team bonding in the city.  We are always researching and looking for new activities that will excite, stretch and challenge all teams. Below you will find a quick overview so that you can imagine what kind of activities LDMC offers.

Crazy Games

Based on the hugely popular UK BBC TV program “It´s a Knockout” this activity will see you dressed in crazy costumes and competing against each other in teams to complete bizarre tasks and funny games in 3.5 hours of pure fun. The games are perfect for groups and corporations as it has all of the elements of a perfect team-building day; it is creative, competitive, fun and fully interactive!

Forest Adventure Experience

This experience takes place in Spain’s biggest adventure park with up to 90 different obstacles to enjoy with your friends. In a space of 3 hectares of pines you will have to tackle different levels Time will fly by while you have fun with each challenge.To round off the day, you have the choice to have lunch out in the open air.

4x4 Costa Brava Safari Jeep

Travelling by 4×4 Jeep gives you a unique opportunity to see the magic and beauty of the Costa Brava from a completely new perspective. During your tour you will have the chance to find out and to learn about hidden hermits. You will also have access to magnificent views of the Mediterranean and exploring one of the most interesting hidden nooks of Catalonia. Are you tired of the most common places full of tourists? So this trip is perfect for you! Come and discover the magic Catalonia’s corner: Costa Brava!

iPad Rally

Experience an outdoor activity where the city acts as a life-sized game board. With other teams fighting to finish their hunt before yours, your team will race against the clock to complete the challenges at hand.

James Bond Flash Mob

Imagine walking into a beautiful villa to have dinner, but discover that you are on a James Bond set instead?! The “Hollywood” director is short on actors, giving the lucky ones a chance to act alongside “James Bond” as they get involved in a scripted scene with luxury cars, bond girls, and a villain. A unique and memorable experience where every visitor is part of!

Tai Chi

Known as the ultimate fighting system, Tai Chi was originally developed as a form of self-defence. Today, many practitioners will tell you that the health benefits far outweigh the skills that may be employed in a hand to hand combat situation.

Formula1 Test Driving

This exclusive experience gives you unprecedented access to behind the scenes activity that takes place prior to the F1 season. You will have the opportunity to drive your very own super car to he race track where yo will then receive a tour of the paddocks, pit lanes and much more.

Bubble Football 

This exciting and hilarious activity will have you laughing, rolling, and going for the goal while you bound along the field in enormous plastic bubbles. Connected to the players by a harness that works like a backpack. Don’t worry about hurting anyone; this game ensures that you can push, roll, and body slam to your heart’s content. Bubble football is perfect for children, teenagers, and adults alike, and whether it’s a corporate team-building activity, your child’s birthday, or even a hen party, you’re sure to have a ball.

Beach Games

Beach Games. This is guaranteed to bring out your competitive spirit. You work as a team and complete a series of tests, by working as a team. Each test requires you to think, act quickly and decisively in order to ensure you emerge as the winning team. This is an ideal experience for a group of friends, family or as a corporate team building exercise. A real must!

Mini Olympics

This is your chance to show off your skills as you compete with your friends and colleagues for a glorious triumph. You will be organised into groups before choosing your activities. Whether you’re a football fanatic or an authority on archery, there’s something for everybody. Then, it’s time to push yourself to the limit as you strive to wipe the floor with your competition.

Water Toys Fun & BBQ Lounge

In this particular adventure, you and your friends can spend a morning or afternoon gliding along the water in a sleek kayak or stand-up paddle. Then, once you’ve enjoyed some time in the sun, the real fun starts. Unwind from a tiring day with a glass of cava, wine, or beer in a stunning chill-out lounge and enjoy music and a catered lunch. Choose from three delectable lunch menus, including an American barbecue, Spanish paella, and an American Hamburgers Party, all with tasty salad options.

Barcelona Treasure Hunt

Navigate your way through the spellbinding streets of this beautiful city with only a map, a compass and cryptic clues to guide your way! Through the snaking side streets of the Gothic Quarter to the bustling busyness of the Borne you’ll discover the unseen details of the city’s awe-inspiring architecture; you will have to snap shots and answer a series of challenging questions which will guide you on the path to victory.

Via Ferrata Experience

Prepare for some vigorous exercise in the hiking and climbing adventure ! Your expert guide will give you a short safety briefing before you hit the road, where there is no turning back! Following the rugged natural mountain paths, you will ascend into the spectacular natural beauty of the mountains of Montserrat. You will move off of the beaten track where you will tackle challenging man-made obstacles, as you clamber up vertical rock faces using only built-in iron supports. This experience will leave you utterly exhausted but completely fulfilled!

Montserrat Tour

With spectacular stone needle structures and silent snaking paths, Montserrat is one of the most surreal yet stunning landscapes in Catalonia. Home to the famous Moreneta, a statue of the black Virgin Mary, you will discover the rich cultural heritage of this religious shrine while enjoying the stunning views of the mountain.

Banana, Fly fish & Crazy Sofa

Enjoy a day of action and adventure on the scenic coastline of the Costa Brava!
Enjoy a variety of fun water activities, eg Banana, Flyfish and Crazy Sofa !

Blindfolded Cooking

Learn about the culinary culture of the city while improving your cooking skills in a Blindfolding Cooking activity. A unique experience where you will have to work in pairs to put something on the table. One will instruct and the other will cook blindly. A favourable dish requires communication skills and trust in your partners advice.

Laser Battle

Laser battle is a great activity for groups of friends, colleagues and companies. This combat displays the ideal strategy and communication game where your goal will be to capture your opponent’s territory. The Laser Battle is safe and does not involve firing pellets of paint nor does it require you to run around with bulky packs so you can really concentrate on feeling the adrenaline, and bringing out your inner “Rambo”.


Paintball Barcelona requires teamwork, stealth, agility and a desire to have fun. It is the perfect experience for groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for a truly different and exciting challenge. A short training session will prepare you to attack and be attacked! Between 6 and 8 games will be played with between 5 and 25 per team. You will quickly learn that more than sheer strength and stamina are required for your team to be successful, tactics and well thought out strategies also come into play!

Flash Mob

Surprise your boss, wife, co-workers or friends with a spontaneous flash mob! Watch it begin with just one person and grow to into critical mass within minutes then just as quickly disappear. Amaze your unsuspecting audience with coordinated dance routines, welcome parties, birthday celebrations, or just totally crazy unreal situations!

Barcelona Murder Mystery

Murder At The Four Deuces is a rip roaring 1920’s gangster murder mystery game with lots of murder, bribery and back stabbing to be had. Some of the guests will include gangsters, politicians, singers and gamblers. The scene is set in a stunning Catalan country home which stems back to the 12th Century and has the charm and character to make the perfect setting for a murder mystery evening.

Wine Making Experience

For those who appreciate wines there is nothing which tastes quite like a top quality wine. But how do they turn the simplest of grapes into something so amazing? The answer is simple, very carefully. This experience gives you the opportunity to find out first hand how it is done and furthermore you get to actually do it yourself! By the end of the experience you will have more appreciation for wine than ever before.

Mosaic Workshop

Barcelona is flourished with many of Gaudí’s beautiful and famous art works, and now is your chance to make one of your own! In teams or all together, you will produce an impressive piece of art of any design. What about a new wall decoration for the office or a gift to your best client? Train your creative mind and enjoy a nice day with your peers.

Create Your Personal Cava

Looking for a different twist to wine-tasting? We invite you to participate in a fun unique experience in a cava cellar just outside Barcelona. You will receive a guided tour around the winery, during which you will receive an in-depth explanation about the elaboration of cava. Your choice of cavas will be based on a combination of colors, tastes and textures that reflect your personality. After the experience, you will take home your own personalised bottle of cava.

Denim Workshop

Let your inner creative designer loose with this creative and sustainable experience. From tatty old jeans to an iPad holder, you will learn how to design and create your own denim design. You can bring your own jeans or choose from the many different styles and patterns already donated. This project is special because the proceeds helps many underprivileged families in Barcelona.